22 reasons to become a scuba diver

So, scuba diving can be something completely different from a normal hobby since…

to be something completely different than a normal hobby since it takes place in a completely different environment.
give us the opportunity to explore 75% of our planet made up of water as there are countless dive sites we can visit during our dives.
give us an amazing flying experience thanks to the weightlessness that exists underwater.
offer you a feeling of absolute serenity as the underwater environment can subconsciously transport you into the womb.
to be an escape from everyday life, because we can dive, especially in Greece, every day of the week, all year round without any special requirements.
add value to our vacation spots as we will consider whether or not we can dive into the spot we have chosen to vacation.
help us observe underwater life, making it a great interactive learning experience.
do everything, given the fact that there are no serious health problems that limit our activities.
should be performed by people of all age groups, starting from the age of eight.
take no chances as modern equipment and training methods can make it completely safe to practice.
be definitely interesting, that’s why it’s called fun diving.
it is an amazing way to communicate as people from all cultures come together and share a common passion.
can fight the fear of water and the unknown factor in it, giving you the opportunity to safely and tirelessly get to know the ocean.
offer appropriate conditions for redefining personal limitations when faced with new challenges.
develop and boost self-esteem by creating intrepid explorers with a whole new set of skills
be environmentally friendly as it does not affect the underwater environment in any way if practiced correctly
can contribute to the love of the ocean and the protection of the underwater world.
feel like an adventure every time a diver takes a new course or decides to join an exciting dive.
improve the physical condition of a person, strengthening the cardiovascular system, as well as muscles and bone structure in the absence of gravity.
be educational as the diver can visit different environments, habitats and animal systems.
year to provide professional photographers as well as amateurs with unique opportunities for unique shots that can be taken once in a lifetime.
be an amazing and bold career guidance proposal because there is always room for visionaries in the ever-growing diving industry.
This is what I wanted to share with you, not necessarily in that order, but hoping you’ll add your own reasons.