El toro cave

Price : $320 x Diver

Hoyo Azul: A Hidden Gem Beneath the Jungle Canopy

Beware of the wasps! Exercise caution when approaching this sinkhole, as it's home to aggressive wasps. But the risk is worth the reward: an underwater cavern of epic proportions awaits.

Key features:

  • Massive underwater cave: Explore a colossal underwater world, filled with impressive rock formations and haloclines.
  • Challenging dive: Be prepared for zero visibility due to sediment, making this a dive for experienced adventurers.
  • Popular weekend spot: Locals flock here on weekends for swimming, cooking, and socializing, so expect a lively atmosphere.
  • Maximum depth: 20 meters / 66 feet

El Toro 2: A Connection to the Depths

Descend into the unknown: This cave connects to Hoyo Azul and boasts a stunning halocline and a layer of hydrogen sulfide.

Key features:

  • Unique underwater landscape: Witness a mesmerizing underwater landscape, complete with a hydrogen sulfide layer that creates an otherworldly atmosphere.
  • Technical dive: This site is for experienced divers due to its challenging conditions and limited visibility.
  • Maximum depth: 20 meters / 66 feet

El Toro 3: The Downstream Side

A grand entrance: Enter through a massive opening into a giant cavern with a potentially breathable air pocket at the end.

Key features:

  • Immense cavern: Discover a gigantic underwater chamber with unique geological formations and a sense of adventure.
  • Sidemount only: This dive is strictly for sidemount divers due to restrictions and low visibility.
  • Maximum depth: 20 meters / 66 feet

Important Note: All three dive sites are for experienced sidemount divers only, due to the challenging conditions and limited visibility. Be prepared for an unforgettable underwater adventure!

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