1400 $
Started on 29/05/2023


The program is designed to provide quality training for divers who are just starting out in cave diving.
In addition, the program serves as a mechanism to develop the overhead learning experience for instructors, allowing them to develop to a more competent Cave Instructor level.

Course duration

3 days


IANTD Cavern Instructor level with active teaching status or equivalent.
IANTD Cave Diver or above or equivalent.
IANTD Cave Supervisor or must be recommended by the instructor.
IANTD Technical Cave, after assisting in at least one or more Introductory Cave Diver programs until the instructor is satisfied that the student is qualified to attend IDP.
IANTD Oxygen Administrator or equivalent.
IANTD First Aid or equivalent.
If the program is run in a sidemount configuration, then the candidate must also qualify as an IANTD Open Water Sidemount Diver.
Age at least 21 years old.