Dudu lagoon & cave

Price : $400 x Diver

El Dudu Cave Diving Tour - Uncover a Submerged Paradise

The Journey Begins

Located just 15 minutes east of Cabrera, El Dudu Cave and laguna awaits your discovery. Follow the 'Lake Dudu' sign to this breathtaking sinkhole, accessible by a convenient staircase. Join the locals as they leap, swim, and relax in this refreshing oasis.

Venture into the Depths

Float towards the far left and enter a massive underwater tunnel leading to a vast cave system. This 100-meter long tunnel boasts a sizable air pocket at 50 meters deep. As you progress, you'll encounter a restriction marked with a yellow arrow – follow the cave line to the main line within the halocline.

Marvel at Nature's Masterpiece

The main tunnel unfolds with awe-inspiring, tannin-stained formations. Towering columns reach heights exceeding 15 meters, all while maintaining a maximum depth of 20 meters. Navigate a steep incline and choose your path at a T-junction – the right leads to a breathable air pit, while the left continues the main cave route.

Traverse the Depths and Resurface

Descend further, passing through a collection of distinctive stalactites before the tunnel opens up again. The latter part of the dive is shallower, averaging 6-7 meters. After about 45 minutes, you'll reach the line's end at 'Cueva de Lilly,' home to fascinating cave-dwelling creatures. Exit here if needed or return to the surface for further exploration.

Explore the Surrounding Beauty

Swim around the gap on the left to uncover additional cave areas. Two more tunnels lead to the third entrance, 'Pozo de los Caballos.' Take in the magnificent stalactites, vibrant watercolors, and diverse marine life.

Plan Your El Dudu Cave Adventure

Suitable for divers of all levels, El Dudu Cave offers an unforgettable experience. Sherpas are available for gear assistance, and your belongings are secure. Begin your underwater journey with us today!

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