El Chicho

Price : $220 x Diver

El Chicho Cave, nestled within the stunning Cotubanamá National Park, is a must-visit for divers of all levels. As the most popular cave in the Dominican Republic, it has sparked a passion for kayak diving in countless visitors.

El Chicho Cave 

  • Crystal-Clear Waters: Experience exceptional visibility as you explore the cave's underwater wonders.
  • Spectacular Rock Formations: Marvel at the intricate stalactites and stalagmites that adorn the cave's chambers.
  • Diverse Underwater Landscape: Navigate through spacious halls, narrow tunnels, and hidden passages.
  • Perfect for Beginners: With over 350 meters of safe and easy-to-navigate routes, El Chicho is ideal for first-time cave divers.
  • Home to Kayak Diving Enthusiasts: Join the community of divers who have fallen in love with this unique underwater experience.

Geological Marvel

Chicho Cave is a cenote, a sinkhole formed by the collapse of limestone bedrock, revealing an underground pool of freshwater. The cave is adorned with impressive stalactites and stalagmites, which have been sculpted over millennia by the slow drip of mineral-rich water. These geological formations create a mesmerizing subterranean landscape that has captivated visitors for generations.

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