La Jeringa sidemount

Price : $200 x Diver

Dive into La Jeringa: The Underwater Labyrinth

Experience the extraordinary underwater world of La Jeringa Cave in Bayahibe National Park. This unique Dominican Republic cave offers a thrilling challenge for experienced sidemount cave divers.

Explore the Labyrinth

Navigate through an intricate network of tunnels and passages, guided by our expert cave instructor who knows every corner of this underwater maze. Witness the natural beauty of the cave's geology, unadorned by stalactites and stalagmites.

Unforgettable Adventure

With a maximum depth of 14 meters and a length of approximately one kilometer, La Jeringa promises an unforgettable diving experience. Our top priority is your safety, ensuring you explore this incredible cave with confidence.

Dive Details

  • **Location:** Bayahibe National Park, Dominican Republic
  • **Experience Level:** Certified sidemount cave divers
  • **Group Size:** Maximum of two or three divers
  • **Cost:** $200 per diver (includes transfer, equipment, and park entrance fee)

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