Jardin Oriental

Price : $350 x Diver

Cave Jardin Oriental: An Advanced Cave Diving Adventure

Discover the hidden underwater world of Cave Jardin Oriental, a unique cave system located in the suburbs of Santo Domingo.

Explore the Depths

This extraordinary cave offers a combination of:

  • Immense halls: Explore vast chambers filled with geological wonders.
  • Narrow tunnels: Navigate through winding passages for an exciting challenge.
  • Petrified seabed: Witness a fossilized marine ecosystem with shells and skeletons embedded in the cave walls.
  • Mesmerizing halocline: Encounter the magical meeting of fresh and saltwater at a depth of 20 meters or more.

A Challenge for Advanced Divers

Cave Jardin Oriental is an advanced-level dive site, requiring specialized equipment, transportation, and decompression mixtures. Only experienced cave divers should attempt this adventure.

Book Your Expedition

If you're an advanced cave diver seeking a unique and unforgettable experience, Cave Jardin Oriental awaits. Contact us today to book your expedition and delve into this underwater wonderland.

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