La Taina

Price : $350 x Diver

Dive into Mystery: La Taina Cave

Experience the Underwater Wonder of the Dominican Republic

Cave La Taina is considered one of the most mysterious and amazing underwater caves in the Dominican Republic. Although some of its tunnels are not yet fully explored, the cave is ideal for learning speleology and cave diving.

The lake, from which the entrance to the cave begins, is especially beautiful in sunny weather, when the water surface acquires a bright turquoise hue. The total length of the underwater part of the cave is one and a half kilometers with depths from 8 to 43 meters. La Taina is a cenot & cave where you can do both recreational and decompression diving.

Stalactites and stalagmites, formed over millions of years, will surprise you with their bizarre shapes.

Discover the Unique "Halocline" Phenomenon

“Halocline” – a unique feature of the cave – is a section at a depth of about 18 meters, where fresh water is bordered by salt seeping from the Caribbean Sea, forming a mirror surface. Due to the difference in density and temperature, the streams do not mix and there is a feeling that you are diving into another lake. When moving along the salt layer, everything around blurs and loses its shape, which creates a complete illusion of the unreality of what is happening.

Diving for All Levels

For divers of all skill levels, we have developed various dive routes. From protozoa in the cavernous zone to decompression in the furthest tunnels of the cave.

An Unforgettable Dive Awaits

This is a very beautiful cave suitable for diving by certified cave divers of all levels. Clear and warm water, beautiful and long tunnels, stalactites and stalagmites, a safe and interesting route – all this will make your dive unforgettable!

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