El Dudu Cave is located in the north of the Dominican Republic, about 15 minutes east of the city of Cabrera.
The road from Punta Cana takes about four hours, but it is a very exciting trip!

El Dudu Lagoon is a large lake from which you find yourself in a huge and beautiful cave with incredibly beautiful stalactites and stalagmites, a halocline and air pockets. It is a very popular tourist attraction and local hangout where people from all over the world come to swim and bungee jump.

The main tunnel of the Du-Du Cave starts from the left edge of the lake. This tunnel is about 100 meters long and has a large spacious hall at the entrance into which you can climb. To get to the main line of the cave, which is located right in the halocline, you need to lay a line to the main mover. The first part of the cave has features: a very large and high main tunnel, decorated with many stalactites and dark-colored spots, in this tunnel you will see many columns. The height of one exceeds 15 meters.

The maximum depth in this part of the cave is about 20 meters, and there is a halocline along the entire route. At the end of this tunnel there is an air pocket with breathable air on the right, and the main route goes to the left of this place.

Continuing along the main line, the cave becomes narrower and lighter. After passing through a small bottleneck, you find yourself in a new hall, the average depth of which is only 6-7 meters. After swimming for about 30 -40 minutes, you will reach the end of the cave. There is a left turn here where you will see another cave tunnel that looks like a pipe. Usually, after passing this place we return to the exit.

Once back, you can swim around the lake and dive into the second cave, which consists of two more small tunnels leading to the second lake.

And at the end of the dive, an interesting and educational exploration of the cave’s main lake awaits you. Fallen trees, a layer of hydrogen sulfide, schools of fish and small shrimp grazing in the fields of the bottom landscape. You can take very beautiful photographs here.

This cave is suitable for cave divers diving in any configuration.

Non-cave divers can visit the caverns and enjoy exploring the lake.

After the dive, you can order lunch at a local restaurant.