Caves Tildo and La Roca - double dive

Price : $350 x Diver

Diving Tour: Explore the Unique Underwater Caves of El Tildo and La Roca

Embark on an unforgettable diving adventure in the Dominican Republic, exploring two extraordinary caves near Santo Domingo: El Tildo and La Roca.

El Tildo: The Jagged Maze


  • Unique Rock Formations: El Tildo is characterized by sharp, jagged rocks resembling Swiss cheese, a stark contrast to the caves of Taina or La Roca.
  • Halocline: Experience a pronounced halocline at approximately 6 meters deep.
  • Easy Access: The cave is easily accessible with a short walk down a slope to the water's edge.

Dive Details:

  • Suitable for: All diver configurations, though some areas may be tight.
  • Depth: Varies, with a halocline at 6 meters.
  • Entrance Fee: Required, as the cave is privately owned.

La Roca: The Eerie Disco Cave


  • Unique Entrance: Enter through a discotheque, creating a one-of-a-kind experience.
  • Dark and Eerie Atmosphere: The cave features dark, unadorned rock and greenish water.
  • Series of Collapses and Boulders: Explore the intriguing underwater landscape formed by these geological features.

Dive Details:

  • Suitable for: All diver configurations.
  • Depth: Varies
  • Sherpas Available: For an additional fee, sherpas can carry your tanks.

Additional Information:

  • Private Property: Both caves are located on private property, so respect the owners and their rules.

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