The fishing village of Bayahibe is under the protection of UNESCO. This small settlement is popular among divers due to a large underwater object – the eighty-meter bulk carrier “St. George wreck ship”, which was sunk near the coast in the mid-80s of the last century. The vessel is still in excellent condition – the tween deck and cargo deck are open, it stands firmly on the ground, and has become a haven for numerous marine life. Lionfish, moray eels, tuna groupers and rays can accompany you during the dive. An underwater tour of the ship takes about thirty minutes and takes place at a depth of up to 35-40 meters. Therefore, the level of training of divers should be at least AOWD.

I'm Oleg Shevchuk

Oleg Shevchuk says

Bayahibe is probably one of the most colorful diving spots in the Dominican Republic. Almost all divers who dive here compare the underwater world with the Egyptian one and find them very similar.

The second dive in a five-minute walk – Reef Park is not accidentally called the Bayahibe museum store. At a shallow depth – no more than 12 meters – on the coral bed, the remains of ships from the time of the conquistadors have been preserved. Rays scurry among the cannonballs and cast-iron cannons: they say there are thousands of them in the season. But they are safe and behave like shy cats, running away from annoying underwater tourists in all directions.

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