Catalina island 

Is a small tropical island in the Caribbean Sea, with a gorgeous beach and a beautiful coral reef. The wall reefs and aquarium i are among the most beautiful in the Caribbean. The coral gardens are home to a huge number of colorful fish, shrimps and shellfish. This is an underwater paradise! In addition to two amazing dives, you will have a hearty lunch and a beach holiday on the white sand of the island.

I'm Oleg Shevchuk

Oleg Shevchuk says

The tropical island of Catalina is the most visited site for divers of all levels of certification. Tourists from all over the world strive to get to this island! Don’t miss your chance to dive on one of the most beautiful reefs in the Caribbean.

Treasure seekers are waiting for local chefs on the island, right under a canopy of palm branches, preparing sizzling meat. During island shopping, it is recommended to bargain, and always with a smile: sellers in some cases drop the price more than twice.

$200 /Diver 

$90 /Snorkeling

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No additional costs
Money Back Guarantee

What's included in the tour,

Two dives in the Caribbean
Snorkeling for those who wish
Full set of equipment
Relax on a private tropical beach
hearty lunch
Water and soft drinks
Dominican rum
Round trip transfer
Instructor guide

What makes this tour special,

Professional guide-instructor
Reliable modern equipment
Quality service
High safety standards
Unique tropical ecosystem
Warm clear water
Friendly marine life
Cheerful Dominicans
Opportunity to try lobsters