Jardin oriental cave

Jardin oriental. This underwatwr cave is located in the suburbs of Santo Domingo, close to a small residential area. A convenient approach to the cave was equipped quite recently and this allows you to dive into the cave and approach the water without any problems. Diving into the Jardin oriental cave itself guarantees you an unforgettable experience! Huge halls with haloclines and narrow tunnels with petrified sea sand hiding the remains of sea urchins and corals. Depths from 6 to 34 meters. This will be a decompression dive. The total length tunells of the cave is about 2 kilometers, but some tunnels are little explored and dangerous to pass. Recommended sidemonut configuration. You will definitely need a stage and a decompression tank.

I'm Oleg Shevchuk

Oleg Shevchuk says

Jardin oriental is just a great cave. Halocline, deep tunnels, narrow labyrinths of transitions. Suitable for professional cave divers only.

This cave may require decompression, so be prepared for that. Appropriate training must be in your diving arsenal.

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