La Taina

La Taina Cave is considered to be one of the most mysterious and amazing underwater caves in the Dominican Republic. Despite the fact that some of its tunnels are still not fully explored, the cave is ideal for learning to caving and diving. The lake is especially beautiful in sunny weather, when the water surface acquires a bright turquoise hue. The total length of the underwater part of the cave is one and a half kilometers with depths from 8 to 43 meters. You can do decompression diving. Stalactites and stalagmites, formed over millions of years, will surprise you with their bizarre shapes. Galaklin – a unique feature of the cave – is an area at a depth of 18 meters, where fresh water borders on salt water seeping from the ocean, forming a mirror surface. Due to the difference in density and temperature, the flows do not mix and there is a feeling that you are diving into another lake. When moving along the salt layer, everything around blurs and loses its shape, which creates a complete illusion of the unreality of what is happening.

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This is one of the best Dominican caves for spelio diving. If you choose where to dive, then the choice is obvious! In La Taina cave.

For divers of any skill level, we have developed various dive routes. From the simplest ones in the cavern zone to decompression ones in the most distant tunnels of the cave.

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