I am instructor and professional trainer of IANTD #707 and IDC Stuff federations and instructor of PADI#231594. I arrange technical cave diving on all the territory of Dominican Republic, courses on recreative, technical and cave diving, courses for instructors on system IANTD.

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Dominican Republic occupies one of the first places in the world, according to the number of caves. Many of them are underwater. The beauty of stalactites, crystal clear water, interesting and varied routes in complexity. This is not a complete list of everything that you will see and learn, having joined the cave diving. «Hoyo De Molino» is one of the simplest, but very beautiful caves in which you will understand the difference between ordinary and cave diving.


Freshwater cave «El Chicho» is located in Bayahib. Its length is 350 meters and has two halls. We will give you the opportunity to explore only the first hall, its length is 120 meters. In the light of the lanterns, water plays and shimmers, creating from stalactites fanciful figures and images. Moving along the cave tunnel, you get the impression that you are in weightlessness. At the end of the route we float in a dry hall. Millions of years ago, nature worked hard creating this magical world … enjoy!


Freshwater cave with galaklinom This amazing cave is one of the most unique in the world. Its total length is 400 meters and a depth of 44 meters. For you, we can provide routes that make up only the outer part of this cave — here you will find everything you expect from diving into a fabulous and amazing underworld. This is a cave that strikes with its beauty. In order to examine it, you need more than one dive. The entrance to the cave is decorated with abundant vegetation. The sun falls on the surface of the underground lake, coloring the water in a turquoise color.

Transparency of water is ideal, at the bottom of the lake you can see every stone. The cave has many tunnels, some of them are still poorly understood. The main course has a depth of about 6 meters and leads to a closed grotto. Inside the grotto is spacious enough. Along the edges, almost touching the water, hang stalactites. Because of the high humidity, they crystallize, in one of their lateral passages at a depth of 18 meters a huge hall filled with salt and fresh water. This phenomenon is called a Galkolin.

When mixing salty and fresh water, everything around is blurred and loses its outlines. Suddenly, the effect disappears, it is only necessary to climb up a little. After diving you will have lunch in the coastal restaurant.


7 square kilometers of amazing underwater world in the Caribbean Sea is open to divers of any qualification.

So called Wall coral reef stretches for 500 meters and its depth is from 8 to 40 meters. Vast amount of soft tubular coral, fan-shaped and spiral corals, all kinds of small fish, clean and warm water of the Caribbean Sea…

Maximum depths of the second site is 14 meters. Aquarium has something to amaze you: tall corals, motley and diversity of fishes, sea urchins, multicolored tiny fishes and cornet fish.  This is just Aquarium. After diving lunch, beverages and relaxation wait for you on the island.


Saona island is located on the verge between Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. This is coral island of 24 kilometers length with beautiful sand beaches and palms. The island’s underwater world is amazing. You’ll be offered two drift-dives among Coral reef which hides plenty of sea animals. In the depth from 12 to 24 meters you can meet rays, muraenas and barracudas. After diving you will be offered lunch, beverages and relaxation on the island. On the way back you will visit lagoon with star fishes and make stop on a small coral reef where you can snorkel.


Bayahibe is a small fishing village and tourist city on the south of island. The place is guarded by UNESCO and attracts divers by its beauties and mysteries of underwater world.

On the bed of the Caribbean Sea there is 80-meter length bulk carrier St. George. It is waiting for curious divers to explore it. Fish groups accompanied by barracudas and tunas fly by aft superstructure and shipboard. The ship is lying on the depth of 20-40 meters and this lets not only experienced divers to explore it but also amateur ones.
Reef Park
After investigating the sink ship the next trip will be to coral park length 14 meters. Here between natural beauty of corals you will find naval artillery from conquistadors’ times.


Underwater park La Caleta is located on entrance to San Domingo. Here you will see a small sink ship El Limon and Coral park. The depth here is from 16 to 20 meters. After diving you’ll be served lunch.


I am instructor and professional trainer of IANTD #707 and IDC Stuff federations and instructor of PADI#231594. I arrange technical cave diving on all the territory of Dominican Republic, courses on recreative, technical and cave diving, courses for instructors on system IANTD.


Open Water Diver is one of the most popular courses which opens you the world of amazing underwater adventures. This is the beginning basic course of learning to diving. When finishing the course you get certificate Open Water Diver from confederation according to the system on which you decided to study. Any certificate given is accepted all over the world.

To get the certificate you have to go through theoretical course, train in the swimming pool and do 4 dives in open water. Certificate Open Water Diver gives possibility to dive two together or within the group.

Any person reached 10 years old in proper health and physical condition can get Open Water Diver certificate.

Students are asked to show swimming skills and to fill in some documents under the course. For children from 10 to 14 we have special course Junior Scuba Diver.

From theoretical part of the course you will know what a man feels under water from medical point of view, basic knowledges of physiology and physical process when breathing under water. From practical part of the course you will learn to breath, dive and emerge, use stabilizing jacket, regulator and other equipment. You will learn special gestures, which are used to communicate under water, learn the technique of underwater swimming. Pool and equipment rent is included in the course price. When studying you have to dive 4 times in the Caribbean. After finishing the course (swimming pool+ open water) you will get international certificate (plastic card), which has no time limits and is accepted in any country of the world.


The second stage of learning to diving process is Advanced Open Water Diver. To go through the course you have to pass 5 trainings among which Deep Diver and Underwater Navigation are obligatory. Maximum depth recommended for diving on this stage is 30-35 meters. After achieving Advanced Open Water Diver any diver reached the level possible for Rescue Diver course.

Besides the diver can choose any special course from educational program. We recommend to pass Advanced Open Water Diver course to feel free under water and meet amazing world of underwater adventures being prepared and experienced diver ready to new underwater discoveries.


In Rescue Diver course such important aspect as accident prevention becomes entertaining. This course makes you think how to make diving safe not only for yourself but for people around you. You will learn to prevent accidents when diving and act on-the-spot in emergency case: adequately react to diver’s actions and render help to the diver, medical if needed. Getting the Rescue Diver certificate you can begin education on professional level.

You can start this course after turning 15 years old and getting Advanced Open Water certificate or its equivalent. To enter this course you have to have at least 25 dives and have documents confirming that you passed Emergency First Response or its analogue on learning CPR (cardio-pulmonary resuscitation) issued no longer than 2 years before.


If you want diving to become your profession, Divemaster course is the first step you should take. Divemaster certificate shows that a professional diver is:

  • Able to swim under water on professional level
  • Having theoretical knowledge on the subject
  • Able to assist instructor on diving courses
  • Able to take measures in emergency to secure other divers

Most divers after getting Divemaster go further to become instructors. Divemaster course gives all necessary knowledge and skills and helps to develop necessary abilities to become instructor in future.

After getting Divemaster qualification most divers go further to become instructors. Going through program Divemaster helps you not only to get knowledge and experience but to develop different skills necessary for a potential diving instructor. To help divers to become professionals our training center offers special studying materials, theoretical base and practice within the course, which means you can actually work in the center.


This two initial course of the so-called «nadglowski» line. Although their names are similar to what is taught in the «recreational» system, in practice they are much more serious.

Here you will learn about the risks involved immersion in the environment, excluding the possibility of direct ascent, for example, why is buoyancy there is not the luxury and convenience and sometimes a matter of life and death learn to work with coils. The theory, exercises on land, exercises in the pool and 4 — 6 dives in caverns, or on ships. Area daylight.



  • The student Must have an a-level qualification IANTD Cavern Diver or equivalent (NSS/CDS, NACD or CDAA Cavern Diver).
  • Must provide proof of 25 logged dives or sufficient experience to meet the requirements of the instructor that the student is able to continue the course according to the chosen level. During the course with the rebreather, the trainee must perform 10 dives for 15 hours using a rebreather.
  • Minimum age 15 years with the permission of a parent or guardian, or a minimum of 18 years without permission.


This program is designed to teach divers to safe diving with penetrations into caves and the use of technical mixtures of EANx study of caves and the use of EANx blends and pure oxygen for carrying out decompression.


  • In the combined training, as entry-level diver qualification Introductory Cave Diver course, providing them with a minimum of 50 logged dives. In the absence of this qualification, the diver must be of at least 100 logged dives or sufficient experience of the technical dives, the instructor demonstrating the ability of the student to continue classes at this level.
  • During the course of using rebreather the candidate must have 25 dives with the current time 35 hours using the apparatus.
  • Introductory course in Technical Cave (Technical Diver) in addition to item #1, student must have qualified diver IANTD level EANx or Advanced EANx Diver, or equivalent experience or training according to the requirements of the instructor.
  • Minimum age of 18 years. (Requirements can be changed and notarized.)
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