Famous people are fond of diving


Famous people are fond of diving, and Jessica Alba is one of them. This actress has always loved water. She began diving as a teenager when she starred in Flipper the Dolphin’s New Adventures. In addition, she has acted in some other films that require her diving skills.

Sandra Bullock. The American actress has been afraid of water since childhood. She decided to take up scuba diving to overcome her fear. Since she loves it and confesses that she finds peace underwater. Some scenes from the recent acclaimed film Gravity were filmed underwater, where she could use her previous scuba diving experience.

Penelope Cruz loves scuba diving and loves to swim with sharks. She has dived with some shark species in the Caribbean and Brazil and would like to try cage diving to watch great whites. Penelope Cruz shares her passion for scuba diving with her friend Salma Hayek, who is also an experienced diver.

Tiger Woods. One of the hobbies of a professional golfer is scuba diving. He explained that one of the reasons why he loves the underwater world is because the fish don’t know who he is!

Tom Cruise is another celebrity scuba diver. He is known for overcoming adversity while working in film, such as climbing the tallest building in the world. He does not use tricks and performs tricks himself. During the filming of one of the Mission Impossible scenes, he held his breath for 6 minutes underwater.