Questions about diving

Dives are carried out almost daily, even on holidays. For example, on December 31st we have a New Year’s Eve dive with a mandatory bottle of champagne and a small Christmas tree underwater.

Certainly. After a short introductory course, you will be able to appreciate all the beauties of the underwater world of our tropical island. Of course, a professional underwater guide-instructor will be responsible for your safety and pleasure.

Certainly. We will immediately plan with you the time of theoretical and practical classes, after which you will receive a certificate and will be able to dive on your own, without the mandatory supervision of an instructor.

Absolutely not. It’s no more difficult than learning to ride a bike. Of course, if you want to dive deeper and further in the future, then you will need to take additional training, but for ordinary recreational diving, it is enough to complete the initial OWD course.

Everything will be fine! You will be taught to equalize the pressure in your ears, which will completely relieve you of any discomfort underwater.

The maximum depth of your dives will depend on the courses you have completed and the qualifications you have obtained. The maximum depth in amateur (recreational) diving is 40 meters.

Almost yes. Usually only one student takes the course, less often a family group or friends. As a rule, we do not unite outsiders within the same course.

One day! This is how long the easiest Discover Scuba Diving course lasts.

This is a one-day program that offers you the experience of scuba diving to depths of 12 meters, although it does not lead to certification, but can be considered your first open water dive towards certification. This program is ideal for people who want to experience what it’s like to breathe underwater and experience the underwater world.

It depends on the association within which you and I decide to be trained. If we choose IANTD, then you will receive a certificate from the Dominican Republic. If we choose PADI, after successfully completing the course, you will immediately receive a temporary certificate with which you can dive until you receive a permanent certificate, which will be sent by the PADI office to your home address.

Certainly! Cave diving is our main specialty. The Dominican Republic has a huge variety of caves, suitable for both beginner cave divers and more experienced cave divers. You will not be left without impressions!

Certainly! The presence of an IANTD cave instructor-trainer license allows not only to dive trained clients in caves, but also to conduct training for unprepared students, making them real cave divers, and even cave instructors.

Dominican and Mexican caves are very similar, so only specific caves can be compared. In general, cave diving in the Dominican Republic is even easier and more enjoyable than in Mexico, because you do not have to carry cylinders on yourself, and the water temperature in the caves is 25-27 degrees.

There are caves in the Dominican Republic for every taste and skill level. There are caves no deeper than 9 meters, and there are those where the length of the passages is measured in kilometers, and the depth exceeds 50 meters.

All year round! The only difference will be in the temperature of the water. For 9 months a year it is 27 degrees, and in winter it sometimes drops to 25.

Exclusively by request. There is no urgent need for a dry suit here. Comfortable water temperature (25-27 degrees) throughout the year allows drivers to dive into the caves in normal 3-5mm wet suits. Of course, if you are in the mood for a serious and long dive, lasting two or more hours, then it is advisable to wear a 5-7 mm suit. We have these available.

No. Only qualified divers are allowed to dive in the caves. However, becoming such is quite simple, it is enough to take the appropriate course and receive the necessary training. And we will be happy to help you with this!

Of course, if it is convenient for you or you are so used to it. Recently, the sidemount system has been used more and more, but for lovers of double cylinders, there is also all the necessary equipment in our arsenal.

Any dive! If you are a trained technical diver, then the deepest and longest caves are at your service. All gases and equipment necessary for decompression diving will be provided to you in full.

Equipment questions

The cost of diving excursions already includes all the necessary equipment.

No, unless you want to use any of the optional equipment not included in the basic package.

Unfortunately, no, we do not provide discounts for the use of our own equipment.

Absolutely! Our equipment undergoes regular maintenance and is always in good working order. We use equipment only from well-known manufacturers who have proven themselves as responsible companies.

Don’t worry, it will. Available in all sizes from XXS to XXL.

Certainly. Everything is there even for the little ones.

Frequently asked questions about me

My first dive took place back in 1993. Then I became an instructor and licensed my first student in 2001. Since then I have not parted with the sea and scuba diving.

I am current IANTD #707 Technical cave  Instructor Trainer and IDC Staff PADI Instructor #231594.

Certainly! Otherwise, I would have found myself another kind of activity, not so wet ….

I love my job. Diving for me is not only a business, but also a way of life.

First of all, because it is always warm here.

But the main thing – because here are some of the best flooded caves in the world, and cave diving is my main specialty.

Many specializations are necessary not only for me, but also for my students. They like that in one place and with one instructor you can go all the way from a beginner to a seasoned diver.

Well, if they really say so, then I won’t argue, it’s always better seen from the outside.