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Started on 23/06/2024

Purpose of the course Advanced EANx Diver

Increasing divers’ knowledge of the use of the EANx mix for recreational diving.
Development of skills and abilities that provide a deeper understanding of the concept of diving with air mixtures.
The program uses EANx mixtures with an oxygen content ranging from 21% to 50%.
The program qualifies the diver to dive to depths of 42 meters and make decompression stops in excess of 15 minutes using EAN 50% as decompression gas.

Course duration

2 days


IANTD EANx Diver or Deep Diver level and provide proof of at least 25 logged dives or specific experience demonstrating to the instructor that the student has the knowledge and ability to qualify for that level.
Age at least 18 years old.
At least 15 years of age with parental or guardian permission.