Sidemount diving in the caves of the Dominican Republic.

In the Sidemount configuration, literally all cave tunnels are available to cave divers and this is very important for divers who want to enjoy real cave diving! This configuration will allow you to navigate even the narrowest and most inaccessible areas of underwater caves and see what other cave divers using a conventional configuration with tanks on their back cannot see.
The sidemount configuration is a revolutionary breakthrough in cave diving! Since ancient times, many cavers have used only this configuration. Many dive equipment companies have begun producing cylinder harnesses using this method. I chose X DEEP for myself. In my opinion this is the best solution. My experience of diving in caves in the sidemount configuration began back in 2008, then I experimented with various harnesses and brands, but my choice settled on this harness and I, as a specialist with extensive experience, recommend paying attention to X DEEP when choosing equipment for a comfortable diving in caves.