Why we choose sidemount diving

Sidemount is a diving equipment configuration in which air tanks are placed on the sides of the diver, along the body, instead of the traditional way of carrying the tank on the back.
Here are some reasons why many divers find sidemount more comfortable.

Improved hydrodynamics:
One of the main advantages of the sidemount is improved hydrodynamics. Since the tanks are located on the sides of the body, the diver has less drag in the water. This makes it easier to move and swim, and also reduces the effort required to move through the water.

More freedom of movement:
Since the sidemount does not require a tank to be carried on the back, the sidemount diver has more freedom in the water. This is especially useful when crossing narrow passages for cave diving or underwater exploration where maneuvering may be limited.

Enhanced security:
In the event of a problem with one cylinder in a side mount configuration, the diver has a second cylinder as a backup. This improves diving safety and gives you more time to react to possible breathing problems.

Ease of equipment:
In a sidemount configuration, there is no need to lift and carry a heavy tank on your back. Instead, the cylinders can be attached by the diver to the surface of the water. This reduces physical stress and makes equipment more convenient and comfortable.

Easy to mount and dismantle:
Preparing side-mounted equipment for a dive is usually easier and faster than preparing conventional back-mounted equipment. Installing and removing cylinders requires a minimum of time and effort, making the sidemount a popular choice for divers who need to quickly change cylinders while diving.

Overall, the sidemount offers the diver convenience, freedom of movement and safety while diving. While this configuration may require additional training and education, it is an attractive option for experienced divers who want to improve their diving experience.
We invite you to take this course with us and enjoy sidemount diving.