Jardin oriental – halocline cave

There are many mysterious and beautiful caves hiding under the surface of the Earth, which attract cave divers from all over the world. One of these amazing caves is the Jardin oriental cave, located near the city of Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. This cave attracts attention with its unique phenomenon known as halocline.
Halocline is a rare and amazing phenomenon in which fresh and salt water merge together, forming a spectacular optical illusion. In the Jardin oriental cave, this merging is due to the hydrogeological features of the area. The cave is located near the coast and consists of salt water that penetrates through porous rocks, while fresh water enters the cave from the mountains. When these two types of water merge, an unusual phenomenon occurs, creating an impressive lens effect.
Diving into the Jardin oriental cave is an unforgettable adventure for underwater cave enthusiasts and photographers. The crystal clear water allows you to see every detail of the underwater topography of the cave, while the halocline adds to the magical feeling of the unreal world. Most of the dive takes place among the layers of halocline, which create an impressive visual effect, reminiscent of the division of the water world into two halves.
When diving in the Jardin oriental cave, it is recommended to have an advanced cave diving experience. It is important to follow all safety measures and follow the advice of experienced speleologists. We will help you enjoy this unique natural phenomenon and give you the necessary advice and recommendations.
Diving into the Jardin oriental cave provides a unique experience that allows you to get acquainted with the rare halocline phenomenon. If you dream of underwater adventures and want to see unusual natural phenomena, this cave is the perfect place for you. Get ready for an unforgettable immersion in the world of halocline and enjoy its beauty and mystery with us!